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Full of Charm and Hospitality this B & B is a must for a stay in Burgundy! Wonderful bakery down the street - fabulous views of the countryside and local towns and farmer markets are a great experience—April 2018

We had the best two weeks ever! Pam was awesome, the gite was awesome, the weather wasn't awesome, but, we were in the pool every day and grilled on the terrace. We just love Douceur de Vivre! — January 2017

Thank you Pam, for a wonderful stay in your Cherry room! We enjoyed every minute of being there. There are so many things to see and do.. we could easily have stayed longer than our six nights! We miss those wonderful breakfasts with fresh-from-the-bakery breads and croissants. Your home and location are lovely, and you are a fantastic hostess. —September 2017


"Everything is perfect and I wanna to say much more than perfect !!! We are 2 chinese girls like come to an old friend home, warm and so relax!!! Pam is the best woman I met, knowledge, nice, warm, smart, cute!! All those full of love. I enjoy it !!! I really wanna stay more time with them!! It is best experience I had in this crazy trip! Thank you!!!!! It is best!!!!" —September 2014

"Pam and her family were really friendly and welcoming. Everything was spotless! We're definitely recommending this place!" —August 2014

"I really enjoyed staying with Pam and her family! The food they served was delicious with lots of options. I would love to stay with them again! Thank you Bruetsch Family!!"! —August 2014


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